Sunday, 24 April 2011

Wold Newton Begins

Just read Rod Rees Demi-Monde Blog where he reveals way more than I imagined about a definite Wold Newton Universe Connection. I urge you to check it out for yourself, but I'm thinking we're looking at parallel Wold Newton Family, rather than a crossover within the Wold Newton Universe.

What sort of Wold Newton Universe is this that has such people in it?

Not sure whether Mr Rees is stalking me (I bet he's reading this!), but his Wold Newton post looks to have been posted immediately after my last post! Like he's waiting... and watching. Given the characters he's seeding in his Wold Newton Family Mkll that's quite a creepy feeling...

Only kidding! I'm well chuffed that the author of my latest fave book is following me (on my blog that is). I'm pretty used to this blog lark (does it show) and the whole following this is still taking some getting used to. I am surprised how many people view this blog though - I'd be nice to get a few more comments from passing travellers (meteorites not withstanding) and, of course, followers are always welcome.

In fact, if you reading this and you know, is there a Wold Newton/Cthulu connection? I'm not big on Cthulu (I have two gamer pals who are), but the Wikipedia entry on the Cthulu Mythos include the phrase:

"It refers to a loose framework formed by common elements (such as places, names, or entities) that appear in more than one tale, adding continuity and depth to the works."

If you like Cthulu you will love/hate/fear this

Could be a description of the Wold Newton Universe (and, now, Rod Rees' latest revelation).

In conclusion, then, we're probably looking at a gothic reworking of the Wold Newton Family. Not entirely sure why I'm theorising - the way things are going we might as well just ask Rod.

Come on then Mr Rees, how much of the game are you going to give away?


Just looked and he's done ANOTHER ONE! While I was finding images for this post! Damn the man. I thought I had to wait a whole year for The Demi-Monde: Spring and, as soon as I start re-reading the first one, he's doing stuff to order! Mustn't complain though, eh. Didn't get that with Douglas Adams.

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